same sex weddings on a cruise ship

Thanks to a recent Supreme Court ruling allowing same-sex marriages in Bermuda, it's now possible for same-sex couples to get married on board certain cruise ships!

When we got our first call for a destination wedding a few months ago, we started researching the logistics of getting married in a resort or on a cruise ship. The rules of getting married abroad or at sea are a little bit complicated--especially so for same-sex couples. Want to get married on the beach in Mexico? You might be better off doing a quick legal wedding stateside and then having the big splashy ceremony at a Mexican resort. That's because there's a lot of paperwork for doing a legal wedding in Mexico, not to mention that you need a blood test, and in some cases, a chest x-ray before you can legally tie the knot.

Cruise ships are complicated, too. On some ships, you can get married on the boat, but on other lines, you might need to do the ceremony on the dock, or at a resort on one of your cruise stops.

And for LGBT travelers, getting hitched in a destination wedding presents other complications. Jamaica might be a lovely destination for a straight couple's destination wedding, but that particular isle is not known for being particularly gay-friendly. You'd be better off doing it in Mexico. 

But now, thanks to the ruling by the Bermuda Supreme Court, gay and lesbian couples have a new option, since any Bermuda-registered cruise ship can now offer weddings at sea packages to same-sex couples. And some cruise lines are doing just that. 

One of our preferred cruise lines--Princess Cruises--has revealed it intends to offer same-sex marriages on its 13 Bermuda-registered ships. Ceremonies will be performed by the ship's captain or deputy captain, with marriage licenses issued by Bermuda.

Cruises are such an incredible value, considering all that's included. And getting married at sea would be a really fun way to take your entire wedding party on your honeymoon along with you! If you're looking for a fun, affordable way to have a spectacular destination wedding, whether at sea, or at an all-inclusive resort--give us a ring. We can help!

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