a river cruise in myanmar

We've already identified Myanmar as one of our top 5 places to visit in 2017.  So, when we discovered a gorgeous river cruise itinerary from one of the best river cruise operators out there, Avalon Waterways, we got really excited.  

Just take a look at this video.

I can't think of a more fabulous way to visit Myanmar than on this itinerary. For one thing, Avalon's brand new ship has been specially constructed to travel further up the Irrawaddy River than any of its competitors--they're the only river cruise that goes north of Mandalay!

And they've built it with larger staterooms. There are only 18 staterooms, which means no more than 36 passengers will travel on the entire boat. It has open air lounges, as well as indoor air conditioned lounges, and the rooms have panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows that open to essentially turn your entire room into a balcony.  The suites are completely gorgeous, and there are top-notch amenities--bar, dining room, fitness center, spa and library (with games)!

But this trip isn't only incredible because of the boat.  This journey explores the best of Myanmar, along the Irrawaddy River. It includes time in Yangon (formerly Rangoon) with a walking tour of the city’s highlights and a visit to stunning Shwedagon Pagoda, which may well be the oldest pagoda in the world!

Then, as you travel along Irrawaddy, you'll encounter local residents and exotic flavors. You'll cruise the most scenic part of the river past lavish shrines, teak forests, and riverside villages lost in time. The trip goes as far north as Bhamo, the northernmost point that any ship can navigate the river (and no other river cruise company goes this far north) and you get to sail through the dramatic second defile with its magnificent cliffs. You can interact with the local school children and visit a fisherman’s home for a glimpse of daily life at the island village of Kyun Daw. In Katha, you'll visit a local market and a local ethnic minority village where you will learn about their unique culture.

photo courtesy of Avalon Waterways

photo courtesy of Avalon Waterways

In Kya Hnyat, you can present alms, offerings of food, to the monks at a buddhist monastery. How about taking a walking tour through a pottery-making village to see the process from start to end?  You'll also tour bustling Mandalay, along the way. In Amarapura, the trip stops at U Bein Bridge for an unforgettable sampan ride at sunset. And you'll explore some of the most important temples as well as watching the sunset over the plains of Bagan, one of the world’s greatest archaeological sites. 

It all adds up to an incredible trip, as well as an incredible value. There's so much that's included in this trip--all the excursions, meals, transportation and beautiful accommodations with loads of amenities--you could take the entire trip without ever once having to take out your wallet (though I'm sure you'll find a souvenir or two along the way).

We can book this trip-of-a-lifetime for you--just drop us a line. We happen to be certified specialists in Avalon Waterways cruises, so we're ready, willing and able to use our expertise to help!

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