dine at a brazilian churrascaria

dine at a brazilian churrascaria

They exist in the US, but if you're in Brazil, you really need to eat at a Brazilian churrascaria. I mean, unless you're vegetarian or vegan, I suppose

But even then, the churrascaria we visited most recently on a trip to São Paulo, Jardiniera Grill, had an incredible salad bar that included everything from salads (all of which were delicious) to cheese to smoked fish!

It was a good idea to sample those salads, too. For one thing, they were delicious. But a little bit of salad was a welcome addition to a meat-tastic meal.  The real star at a churrascaria is the meat. Basically, you sit at your table, while waiters pass by with skewers of grilled meats. You have a little disc near your plate. One side is green ("SIM"), and the other is red ("NÃO"). As long as your disc is on the green side, they'll come by and offer you a cut of meat. Once you start to get the meat sweats, if you need a break, just flip it over to the red side, and take a few deep breaths.

They have a little card, thoughtfully in English as well as Portuguese, so that your waiter can show you what cut of steak he's got. But there aren't only beefsteaks on those skewers. They also offer grilled sausages, lamb and pork, as well.

The concept is fun and authentic, but the food is also completely delicious. I've rarely had more flavorful steak. So, if you're looking for the opportunity to sample different cuts of meat, prepared in the traditional Brazilian way, check out a traditional churrascaria!  (And maybe have a bite of salad, too.)

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