Thomas Carpenter

warhol did it, so you're not too cool to cruise

Thomas Carpenter
warhol did it, so you're not too cool to cruise

Did you know that Andy Warhol appeared on an episode of "The Love Boat?" Well, he did, along with his co-stars Tom Bosley, Marion Ross, Andy Griffith, Milton Berle and Cloris Leachman, among others.

Keep in mind, this was a late episode in the series, after Julie, your Cruise Director, (Lauren Tewes) had left the show, and when Dionne Warwick had taken over responsibility for intoning the theme song. But still, it was an episode of "The Love Boat," it aired on October 12, 1985, and Andy Warhol was in it.

Frankly, Andy doesn't have much to do in the episode. The plot revolves around the 200th voyage of the Pacific Princess, and to celebrate, Andy Warhol (playing himself) has agreed to do a portrait of one lucky passenger. For most of the episode, he lurks around the boat with his mid-eighties entourage (imagine that Hollywood decided that Andy Warhol was functionally equivalent to Prince, so they gave him a Sheena Easton lookalike, an Appolonia in a ball gown, and a black dude wearing eye makeup).  At random moments, Warhol jumps out of nowhere to take polaroid photos of unsuspecting passengers. Occasionally, he and his entourage show up at a performance or event to applaud things--like, um, maybe a performance of The Love Boat Mermaids, who do "Solid Gold"-style choreography to a cheesy remake of a Pointer Sisters song.

It all gets complicated because Marion Ross (who you might remember as Mrs. Cunningham, on "Happy Days" or maybe from "Brooklyn Bridge," or perhaps her recurring roles on "The Gilmore Girls" or "That 70's Show") plays a character who once starred in an unsavory Warhol film, but who has since moved to Kansas to marry a conservative tractor salesman who is about to become president of his local rotary club, which means that Everything. Is. At. Stake. You can watch the whole sordid thing unfold at this link.

Hijinx ensue, as they often do, but the point (and we do have a point, here) is that, crazy stuff like this does not happen on cruise ships. I grew up watching The Love Boat, and it was, for me, the epitome of a fancy vacation, when I was growing up. Where is this magical "Puerto Vallarta" that everyone's so hell-bent on visiting?! I'd never heard of it! But, from watching the show as a kid, I had all sorts of stupid ideas about why people went on cruises--to solve a murder, to find a hidden treasure, to hide from a past lover, who happened to be on board that exact same week--and you know what? None of that has anything to do with being on vacation.

Here's what's awesome about being on a cruise, though.  You can totally disconnect from the stress of your day-to-day life. I mean--you're on a boat in the middle of the ocean, fer rice cakes! Load up your e-reader with books, and sit by the pool. Schedule a spa treatment. Take a shore excursion and learn about a new culture. Disconnect and wind down!

But don't make the mistake that cruises are cookie-cutter, either. For example, the Pacific Princess--that same boat that was the centerpiece for nearly a decade of "The Love Boat"--is still sailing, and in recent years, it's been going to less-frequently visited destinations in the Mediterranean, for example. If you're looking for a fun, easy, and unique way to explore "hidden gem" travel destinations--you could hardly do better than booking a cruise on the original "Love Boat."

Oh, and you know who else was on that episode? Teri Hatcher. She played one of the "Love Boat Mermaids." She's always been so talented!

Anyway. We can book this cruise trip for you, by the way. I mean, maybe you know that already, but if you don't - get in touch with us and we'll set you up with a cruise vacation that's matched to your own personal travel style. And who knows, maybe fading sitcom stars will show up to entertain you!

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