our ten most-read stories of 2018

As 2018 winds to a close, and we start looking forward to 2019’s adventures, we thought we’d look back at the stories we published in 2018 that got our Huckleberry Travelers most engaged. Here we go!

10. arabian gulf cruise

We wrote about our plans to cruise the Arabian Gulf this coming February. We’re super excited about the trip, and if you want to come along with us, there’s still space! (Though, time is short…better book it soon!). Follow us on social media if you want to keep track of where we’re going and what we’re doing on this trip!


9. super bowl birthday weekend in las vegas

We planned a milestone birthday blowout in Las Vegas in February, 2018, and it was a total blast. If you’re thinking about having a celebration with family and friends, we can handle all of the details of planning travel for your group, so that you can enjoy the fun. Just let us know!


8. our new honeymoon registry

This was a big year for us, in terms of honeymoons! We sent newlyweds all around the world, and we’re planning new adventures for couples getting married in 2019. But the thing we’re most excited about is our new travel registry, where travelers can tastefully register for the honeymoon of their dreams. And there’s an inclusive option for LGBT couples who’re planning their big day!


7. travel for pride month

Speaking of LGBT travel, we wrote about the fact that pride celebrations happen year ‘round, in different parts of the world. Sure, you can visit New York City to celebrate the anniversary of Stonewall, but if you’re looking for a trip to a pride festival in other parts of the world, we can definitely help with that!


6. come with us to greenland!

We posted about our plans to go to Greenland (yes, Greenland) in August, 2020, and boy did we get a lot of attention with that one! We’ve got preferred pricing and added amenities on our 16-day roundtrip journey to one of the least-visited destinations on earth. And, as with all of our groups, you’ll be on a trip with a really fun group of fellow adventurers, so come with us on this incredible trip!


5. wind and wine in croatia

Our friends at Wind and Wine Croatia are running some fantastic wine-centered trips along the Croatian coastline. In a sailboat or a catamaran, you can visit the small coves and family-owned restaurants and wineries in one of the most beautiful places in Europe.

J&C 12..jpg

If you’re a fan of Downton Abbey (and really, who isn’t?), you might have fantasies of a luxury English manor vacation in the Cotswolds. Fortunately, we can make that happen for you. Book a romantic vacation for the love of your life, or a small-group or family outing, where everything’s taken care of, and your British fantasy can become a reality.

3. remembering anthony bourdain

We were so saddened to hear of Anthony Bourdain’s passing. His passion for exploring the world through its people, cultures and food was inspiring to us, and to so many others. We’re grateful for all of the stories he shared with us, and even though he’s gone, we’ll continue to look to his legacy whenever we’re looking for a new authentic and immersive travel experience.


2. 5 places to go in 2018

Our end-of-year list always attracts a lot of attention (and 2019’s list is no exception, either). But we visited four of our top five 2018 picks in 2019, and we sent (or brought) lots of other travelers to these destinations, too! Just because 2018 has come and gone doesn’t mean that you can’t look to last year’s list for this year. And if you’d like us to help you get there, we’re on it!


and our most read story of 2018?

1. a solution for snowbirds

Maybe you were thinking of spending the winter in Florida or Arizona, but we’ve got a great alternative. How about escaping that cold weather by booking a World Cruise on one of our premium or luxury travel partners. Unpack once, see the world and escape the cold!


So, where will you go in 2019? What would you like to see us write about in the coming year? We’re eager to share your travel stories with our readers, so if you’re thinking about an epic adventure, drop us a line and get us started!

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