let's buy (a ticket to) greenland!

let's buy (a ticket to) greenland!

We are truly down the rabbit hole, people.

News broke this weekend that the President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, wants to buy the massive autonomous Danish territory of Greenland. Wow! That sounds like a great idea! There’s just one problem, dum-dum. Greenland isn’t for sale!

Honestly. It’s not like we don’t have several actual foreign policy crises to deal with. FOCUS, PEOPLE!

We have a better idea. Rather than trying to buy Greenland, why don’t we all just visit Greenland. If you’re interested in traveling to one of the most remote, isolated and least-visited places in the world, why not think about coming with us next year, when we take our epic trip to Greenland, via the Canadian Maritime Provinces?


If you were to try to fly to Greenland, you’d have to connect in Europe, because there are no direct commercial flights from the US. But we’ve got a better solution—why not cruise to Greenland? We’re going to be sailing out of New York with Princess Cruise Lines, with stops in Canada on the way there, as well as the way back. If you have pre-conceived notions of what cruising is all about, well, this trip is going to upend that. Since Princess is regularly voted the best cruise line to Alaska, doesn’t it make sense that they’d knock it out of the park with Greenland?


Now that this lunacy about “buying Greenland” has put the country front-of-mind for a lot of people, we’re hoping that people will want to join us on this trip. We’re making three ports-of-call in Greenland, so you’ll really have an opportunity to see what it’s all about. Nuuk (the capitol), Nanortalik (the “place of bears”), and Qaqortoq (the “White Palace” of Greenland) are all on the itinerary.


So, what do you say? Want to find out more about our trip? While those around you are saying how stupid it is to try to buy Greenland, you can just drop it into the conversation, “Oh, yeah. What a dumb idea. You know—I’m going to Greenland next year with Huckleberry Travel.” Seriously, how’s that for cocktail party conversation?

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