italian wine tasting

When we initially started Huckleberry Travel, two of our first Huckleberry Travelers asked us about a trip to Italy. The inquiry actually came at our launch party, and it turned out that they'd already purchased their plane tickets, but hadn't booked any of their hotels or internal transportation. So we jumped on it and made some terrific bookings for them!

We love Italy, too. It's's Italy, fer cryin' upstairs. If you aren't interested in visiting Italy, there's something wrong with you.

So, for our HbT event for July, we're partnering with The Gilded Grape to host a wine tasting in Brooklyn on July 27. We'll have wines from Piedmont and Venice... Maybe other parts of Italy--you'll just have to show up to know for certain. Ahem.

You'll get to sample some incredible wines, and we'll be on hand to talk to you about how we can help you find the trip-of-a-lifetime to Italy.

Check out our events page, for specifics. Ciao!


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