christmas markets (in july)

Okay. You're not going to find a Christmas Market in Europe during the month of July, but if you start planning your trip to Europe six months in advance, you've still got a chance to get there and experience the fun of being in Europe around the holidays.

My first visit to a European Christmas market was when I was in college. I'd been an exchange student in Germany for a summer when I was in high school, and I went back to visit my host family for Christmas break during my freshman year of college. For me, visiting Europe always feels incredibly special, but being there around the holidays takes something special and makes it feel magical.

You probably think of Germany, when you think of Christmas markets. And with good reason. Nuremberg (which also happens to be the toy capital of Germany), has a really famous market, and Dresden, Stuttgart and Munich are also right up there. But you can find Christmas markets all across Europe. Some people say that Zagreb, Croatia, has the best market in Europe. But London, Copenhagen, and Prague also rank right up there. And of course, don't forget the Austrian markets in Salzburg and Vienna! But really, go anywhere in Europe, in November and December, and you're likely to be pretty close to a really special Christmas market experience.

My most recent visit to a Christmas market was in Brussels a few years ago. Brussels is relatively new to the Christmas Market racket (they just started doing them in 2002, apparently), but they really go all out. In keeping with their position as the capital of Europe, there's a real international vibe at the market, with crafts and foods from all around the world. Not to mention the incredible food, the lights, and other attractions.

If you're interested in checking out a Christmas market this year, we can definitely make that happen for you. We can book you on a long weekend getaway to Europe this winter, or (better yet), we could put you on a fabulous river cruise where you could visit multiple Christmas markets while only unpacking your bags once!  Reach out to us and let us know!

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