the flatbush frolic

If you've never been to a street fair in Brooklyn, you're missing out!

Street festivals abound in New York City, but in Brooklyn, there are a few that are super extra special, like the 5th Avenue Street Fair in Park Slope, the Atlantic Antic, and (our personal favorite), the Flatbush Frolic.

It just so happens that the Flatbush Frolic is happening this weekend-- Sunday, September 17, on Cortelyou Road between Ocean and Coney Island Avenues from 11am-6pm. And if you're anywhere nearby, you should go, AND you should stop by the Huckleberry Travel booth. We'll be there, ready to talk travel, handing out swag (while it lasts) and raffling off a pretty fabulous door prize--you can get an entry just by joining (or showing up while you're already on) our mailing list!

Come to the Flatbush Frolic. You'll have an absolute blast!

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