hbt gives back in April: fighting climate change

hbt gives back in April: fighting climate change

Our passion for travel is rooted in the places and people that we've visited over the years, and we think it's important to keep that connection, even after we've returned home. And, of course, we want those places to be there for others to enjoy, and we want all the best for the people who've shared their hospitality with us. 

So, in the spirit of that goodwill, we're starting a new initiative in the month of April--Huckleberry Travel Gives Back.  Each month, we'll feature a new organization that's doing important work that connects to some of our favorite travel destinations. And then, for each booking made during that month to those featured destinations, we'll be making a donation to that non-profit. We think it's a way to help make the world a better place, while encouraging people to see as much of it as they can!

One of the first trips that we ever took together was our trip to Antarctica, where we visited the research station where scientists first discovered the hole in the ozone layer.  So, since Earth Day 2017 will be on April 22 this year,  for any booking of an Arctic, Antarctic, Alaska, or Iceland cruise or land tour in the month of April, Huckleberry Travel will make a $25 donation to the Environmental Defense Fund, which has been working to preserve the environment and to fight global warming for many years. EDF has a top rating on Charity Navigator, ensuring that donations really do go to do this important work.

EDF works to prevent the potentially catastrophic effects of global warming continues in the U.S. and around the world, with initiatives that include:

  • Hastening the clean energy economy
  • Lowering climate pollution from natural gas
  • Boosting efforts to help China reduce pollution
  • Fostering sustainable land use to limit deforestation

We've got many incredible itineraries to Alaska, Iceland and Antarctica, but one of the most amazing trips we've found is the astonishingly beautiful and exciting arctic cruise from Alaska through the Northwest Passage to New York City, with stops in Nome, Nunavut, and Greenland, among others.  There's a somewhat longer video at this link, but if you want just a sample of how stunningly incredible this trip is, take a gander at this shorter video.  

Phenomenal, right? And the wonderful thing about Crystal Cruises is that things that would require a premium or supplement on other cruise lines (shore excursions, alcohol), are included on Crystal.  Of course, we're not aware of any other cruise line that does this itinerary, so that's kind of beside the point, I suppose. The irony that this trip is only available because of Global Warming isn't lost on us, by the way. But if you make the trip now, through Huckleberry Travel, we'll make a donation to aid in the effort to make trips like this true once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Or, how about an Antarctica trip next winter?  We recently met up in New York City with our good friend, David, who we first met on our amazing Antarctica journey many years ago. It was so much fun to catch up and relive the memories of that trip! Now's the perfect time to start planning an Antarctica adventure for next December or January, by the way!

And it's not too late to book Alaska or Iceland for this summer, either. We've got cruises, as well as land tours to each of those destinations.  Or maybe you'd rather do Iceland in the winter, to try to see the Northern Lights?

There are so many wonderful destinations that are at risk because of climate change. Being able to travel there will really reinforce how important it is to preserve our environment.  And we hope that by giving back a little, we can help conserve the environment while sending you on the trip-of-a-lifetime.  

So, let us know if we can book one of these trips for you!

Want to take an incredible trip? Huckleberry Travel can put together the trip of a lifetime that includes tons of unique experiences you might otherwise miss.  Contact us for more information about our travel consultation services.