a solution for snowbirds

a solution for snowbirds

If you’re retired and you’re looking to escape the snow and ice of winter, we completely understand the appeal of the “snowbird” lifestyle. Spend the summer months up north, enjoy watching the grandkids start school, have big family end-of-the-year holiday celebrations, and then head off to a warmer climate for a few months. I mean—really—who wants to shovel snow, if you don’t have to?

But living the snowbird lifestyle requires some planning. Either you have to invest the time and money of maintaining a second home, or you need to find an affordable rental in a prime location. But if you want to avoid the hassle of finding the perfect snowbird experience, and maybe even save some money in the process, we’ve got a fantastic and exotic option for a unique snowbird experience—a fabulous World Cruise!

Many of our preferred premium and luxury cruise lines, like Princess Cruises have World Cruise itineraries that can literally take you around the world on a floating resort. Lasting between 85 to 120 days, you’ll get on board, unpack once, and see incredible destinations across the globe. Imagine a vacation where you can not only experience the Panama Canal, but also sit on a beach in Australia and go on a safari in Africa—all on the same journey!

Or look at the 2020 Itinerary. 111 Days. 42 destinations. 26 Countries. 20 UNESCO World Heritage sites. 5 Continents. Visit Hawaii, Tahiti, Sydney, Singapore, Zanzibar, Cape Town, Brazil, Costa Rica and going through the Panama Canal—all in one trip!

Since this cruise is on the smallest ship in the Princess fleet, with overnight stays in many ports, you’ll have an authentic and immersive experience, traveling with other like-minded adventurers. And because it’s a cruise, your entertainment and dining is included! If you were renting a condo for three months, you wouldn’t have access to the spa, the live entertainment and the other on-board activities. When you think of a World Cruise as your “Snowbird Alternative,” I think you can see how it just might be a terrific value!

And, while we love Princess (boy, oh, boy do we love Princess!), if you’re looking for something a little different, we can certainly match you up with a fantastic itinerary on one of our other preferred cruise lines. But no matter what you’re looking for, we can certainly find a fabulous world cruise itinerary for you! Just drop us a line!

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