Thomas CarpenterTravel Tips

why travel insurance is essential

Thomas CarpenterTravel Tips
why travel insurance is essential

One of the big reasons that clients choose to work with a verified travel advisor like Huckleberry Travel, is that we can run interference for them if something goes wrong while they’re traveling. But, while our network of relationships with our preferred travel partners can fix a lot of problems for our clients, we still recommend that all of our Huckleberry Travelers purchase travel insurance, to deal with the many “what ifs” that come with traveling.

Lots of people we know never purchase insurance, because they think that they’ve already got pretty good medical insurance, or they might have some protections through the credit cards they used to pay for the trip. Other people think that travel insurance only covers trip cancelation, and they’re completely certain that they’ll make the trip, no matter what.

Well, travel insurance can cover all of that, and more. You can be covered, and insurance can help if:

  • a family member gets sick

  • your baggage gets lost

  • you miss a flight connection

  • your trip is delayed

  • you lose your job

  • you lose your passport

  • you have a medical emergency while traveling

  • you need a medical evacuation

  • you need to book a hotel at the last minute because of an unexpected change

From 24-hour emergency travel assistance to an entire suite of comprehensive travel insurance products to fit any family and budget, a travel insurance plan from one of our preferred travel insurance providers can cover your next trip.

Keep in mind—we’re travel advisors, not insurance agents. But with our wealth of experience planning vacations for our clients, we know the value of having a comprehensive travel insurance plan in place, and we recommend insurance for all of our travelers.

So, if you’re thinking about taking a trip soon, let us know—we’re happy to help plan a hassle-free vacation for you!

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