7 great apps for travelers

7 great apps for travelers

1. A Language App

If you're traveling abroad, be prepared with an app that helps you speak the common language. Google Translate can be a lifesaver for traveler with rusty high-school French. Translate from 103 different languages just by typing or drawing the word or phrase. You can use your phone’s camera to instantly translate street signs or restaurant menus. And, since the app works without using a wireless connection, you can navigate a foreign language without incurring international roaming charges! 

2. A Currency App

If you're not a mathlete, you might have trouble converting foreign currency into dollars on the spot. But even if you are one of those super geniuses who's able to easily divide by 13 in your head, you might want a currency conversion app, like the OANDA Currency Converter. The app not only converts to and from pretty much any currency out there to any other currency, but you can also adjust the rate for bank service charges to figure out how much that exchange is really costing you. The rates are updated to be current at any moment, too! 

3. A Maps & Directions App

Don’t leave home without a solid navigation app for exploring. Apps like Maps.Me or City Mapper offer downloadable maps with turn-by-turn navigation and traffic updates. They can even pinpoint local hotspots to check out. You can explore points of interest ranging from restaurants to tourist attractions, all with step-by-step directions. It's even possible to create driving, walking, and cycling routes to save extra time, or just to take in the scenery.

4. A Packing App

With apps like PackPoint, you'll never again forget things you need for your trip.  Just type in the destination and select the activities planned to create a customized packing list for the trip. It will even check the weather to make sure your clients are packing all the essentials. They can also share the list with their fellow travelers so nothing is ever left behind.

5. A Chat App

If you're traveling, but want to stay in touch with friends and family without incurring expensive data charges, you need a solid chat app. WhatsApp provides free voice calls and messaging whenever you're connected to Wi-Fi. And, the group chat feature also allows you to share messages, photos and videos, in case you want to instabrag to your network.

6. A Time Zones App

If it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium. If you're a frequent jet-setter, you'll almost certainly lose track of time, when you're bouncing around the globe. With an app like Circa, traveling to multiple locations across different time zones has never been easier. You'll find the best times for connecting flights and you can send invitations to other travelers in different time zones to meet up. Now you'll never miss a beat no matter how far apart you all are.

7. An Itinerary App

One of the great things about booking your travel with Huckleberry Travel, is that we can load your itinerary and documents into My Trip Route.  If you need to pull down your vouchers for a tour, or need the reservation number for your hotel, or just can't quite remember which is the next port on your luxury cruise, help is just a click away. It's just one of the ways that booking with a travel agency like ours can help make your trip stress and hassle-free. Huckleberry Travel is using this technology with most of our bookings--at no charge to our clients!

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