LGBT+ honeymoon registry

LGBT+ honeymoon registry

If you've been paying attention to us lately, you already know that we recently launched our Huckleberry Travel Honeymoon Registry. So, if our clients don't want or need more "stuff," they can ask their wedding guests to give the gift of a dream honeymoon. Well, we're happy to announce that we've just launched a second honeymoon registry site--one that caters specifically to our LGBT+ clients!

Truth be told, there's not really a whole lot that's different about our LGBT+ site, in terms of how it works. It's still free to set up. Couples have the option to have their gifts transferred to our partner resorts or cruise lines. Our partner, Honeymoon Wishes, has Toll Free Customer service to help your not-so-tech-savvy guests. You can collect your gift monies anytime - as many times as you'd like. And, the registry comes with a Free Premium Wedding Website - including an RSVP tool!


But, while it works the same as our other registry site, there are some differences. For example, the destinations featured in the sample registries are aimed to LGBT+ travelers. We've highlighted honeymoon destinations that are welcoming of LGBT+ travelers. And, the images used throughout the site feature same-sex couples. We think its important to feel welcome and included when planning travel.

And, on a personal note--the two of us who started that business got married in 2011, shortly after marriage equality passed in New York State. We registered for travel, as well as registering for "stuff," and truth be told, we were kind of surprised at how many registry and wedding sites didn't account for the fact that gay couples would be planning weddings and honeymoons. So, we're especially happy to be part of the solution to that.

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