5 holiday gifts for travelers in 2017

5 holiday gifts for travelers in 2017

We know that it's still November, but somehow the holidays always seem to sneak up on us. That's why we decided that we should post our suggestions for what should be on every traveler's wishlist this season. Here are our first five choices, with links in case you want to buy them right away!

1. One Adapter Twist Plus World Charging Station

I can't tell you how many international plug adapters/power chargers we had to go through before we finally found this one. Since we're Apple People, when we're traveling, we usually have our MacBook, along with an iPhone (or two), an Apple Watch, and sometimes even an iPad. Not to mention a portable battery. We've got plenty of USB cords to charge those devices, but it's a huge pain in the you-know-what to have to plug each of those things into a separate outlet.

That's when we found this! The Twist Plus is a universal plug adapter, that allows you to slide your power cord for your Mac right onto the adapter, but then provides multiple USB ports for you to plug in all of your other devices. You only need one plug and this adapter to get all of your devices plugged in and charged at the same time! It's so convenient, that we've even used it domestically. If you've ever been in a hotel room that didn't have nearly the number of outlets you needed to plug everything in, this handy gadget will fix that for you!

2. Full-face Snorkel Mask.

We love snorkeling, but, honestly, we haven't quite mastered the art of breathing through our mouths into a tube. Or breathing through our mouth, generally, for that matter. (Not being a mouth-breather is a source of pride for us, actually.) But then, when you add the idea of going below the surface to get a better look--well, forget about it.

Enter the full-face snorkel mask. It's got a tube at the top that allows you to breathe normally--i.e. through your nose--but which automatically closes when you dive below the surface. You can breathe through your mouth, as well, I suppose, but the fish will surely judge you. The mask has an attachment for your go-pro, as well, so that you can document your adventure on the reef. We bought a pair of masks for our most recent snorkeling trip to the Big Island of Hawai'i and loved them. And then, we loaned them to friends who were going to the Galápagos, and guess what? They loved them, too!

3. Smart Luggage (the smartest, really).

We hate the word "amazing," because it's so often used to describe things that don't actually amaze. That cheesecake you just tasted isn't amazing unless it's going to pull a rabbit out of a hat. But when it comes to luggage, this rollaboard is, well, amazing to us.

First, there's the battery with 2 USB charging ports, which can charge your devices up to six times over. Then, it's got 3G + GPS tracking so that you locate your suitcase anywhere the world. With a built-in scale in the suitcase’s handle you can weigh your bag while traveling, so that you'll know whether you need to lighten your load to avoid surcharges. The Bluesmart suitcase includes a quick access laptop compartment that can fit up to a 15" laptop, with a separate pocket for tablets, as well. The remote digital lock means you can lock or unlock the suitcase using an app on your phone. All of this, plus it was designed to meet international carry-on requirements, making it ideal for shorter trips. You'll wonder how you ever lived without this suitcase.

4. Smart Jackets, Blazers and Sweatshirts for Travelers.

Baubax makes a series of jackets, hoodies, and blazers that make traveling super extra easy, for both men and women. I can't even begin to describe all of the awesome things that these garments can do, which is actually okay, because there's a video!

If you don't want to travel with a bulky neck pillow, you like the idea of stashing your electronics in a pocket, or you want a hood with a built-in sleep mask, we've just found the perfect garment for you. You should buy this.

5. Loire Valley Cycling Trip


It can be really difficult to gift travel--an actual trip--to someone you love, but we can make that easy for you. Say that you know someone who's a cycling enthusiast, and they also happen to be foodies or wine enthusiasts. It just so happens that Huckleberry Travel is hosting a cycling trip through the Loire Valley, where they can cycle from chateau to winery to small village to vineyard. All the while, they're staying in actual hotels, and their luggage is transported for them, with no worries. And, on top of that, they don't have to worry about transporting their bike abroad--bicycles are provided and fitted on the day before the trip.


7 Day Loire Valley Cycling Trip with Huckleberry Travel and G Adventures

Here's the great thing about gifting travel to your loved ones through Huckleberry Travel. Maybe you know that a particular trip is right up the proverbial alley of someone you love, but you're just not sure if they're free that week. Or you want to send someone on this trip, but you can't remember where their last trip was and you don't want to send them to France two years in a row. Well, putting a deposit on this trip is worry-free.

Because we've partnered with G Adventures, there are really flexible policies on trip deposits. Like, if you put a deposit down on this trip but your loved one can't make it work, your deposit can be applied to any of the many other G Adventures vacations that Huckleberry Travel offers. And if they're not able to travel at all, they can even transfer that deposit to someone else. And since G Adventures is a preferred travel partner with our agency, we can make sure that you don't lose the deposit, and that it actually gets used. 

Better than a gift certificate or gift card, right?

You should email us.

So, these are just our first five ideas for holiday gifts for travel enthusiasts. We have many more--especially if you're looking to gift actual vacations to the people you love. If you click on the links above to those products, you'll be supporting our business. But if you're looking for a way to give a more creative travel package to someone, here's the best way to reach out to us. Just email: info@huckleberrytravel.com

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