Thomas CarpenterAsia, China

cruise the li river

Thomas CarpenterAsia, China
cruise the li river

You've probably seen those incredible mountains in China--the ones that are shaped like green gumdrops, while a river wends its way through and around them. Well, that'd be the Li River, in case you were wondering, and we'd definitely recommend a visit.

No doubt, your itinerary probably also includes one or more bustling metropolis--perhaps Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong? But if you find yourself in the northeastern part of Guangxi Province (as one does), a Li River cruise is a must. And if you don't find yourself there, we'd suggest that you figure out a way to get yourself there! We can help with that, by the way.

You'll leave from a dock just outside of Guilin, and you'll spend just a few hours floating down the river, while you pass water buffalo, local farmers and fishermen, and locals cruising down the river in bamboo rafts. 

Some of the formations have names--like Elephant Trunk Hill, and your guide will point out how it looks like an elephant trunk. But even if that doesn't quite look like it to you, you'll have a great time just enjoying the scenery.

Some of the fishermen fish with cormorants, who dive into the water and pull up fish. And then the fishermen take the fish from the bird before it swallows it. 


Our tour also included a visit to a local rice farm, where we got to meet a family, and see how they worked.


And, then if you're looking for a crazy fun thing to do in the evening, you could go to the water show in Guilin! It's sort of like Cirque Du Soleil on steroids, with what seems like a million people, on the river, and on the banks of the river and on the mountains in the background, and it simply has to be seen to be believed. This video doesn't even begin to give you a sense of it.

So, if you're planning to visit China at some point, and you want to see gorgeous scenery, have an authentic interaction with the locals, and see a crazy over-the-top spectacle, go to Guilin!

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