monet's house and gardens

monet's house and gardens

When we started Huckleberry Travel, among our first clients were a trio of friends who wanted to visit Paris, the Loire and Normandy. But they weren't necessarily interested in seeing any of the World War II sights in Normandy--they had a different list--they wanted to visit Mont Saint-Michel, and they wanted to see Monet's house and gardens at Giverny. (Though we suggested a couple of other stops and arranged for a private guide for them.) One of the pictures they sent back to us from Giverny was just so beautiful, that we decided that on our next trip to France, we'd check it out for ourselves.

Well, that trip happened just about a week ago! With a group of friends, we rented a car in Paris, and drove out to Giverny, using our smartphone GPS, which was in English, and the rental car's GPS, which was in French. It was like stereo confusion for a while there, but once we were out of the city, navigation was smooth and easy. We arrived right around lunchtime and had a great light meal before walking down the path to the house and garden.


Giverny is a cute little village--I mean, it's really adorable--and there were flowers everywhere. From the public parking lot, you walk down a little lane to the entrance.  There are restaurants and shops and galleries along the path, if you want to linger.  But once you buy your ticket, you actually enter the gardens through the gift shop (unless you're traveling with a group). That's when we realized that one of our friends in our group was the spitting image of Claude Monet!

Actually, Chico looks more like the older Monet, but, get the idea.

Actually, Chico looks more like the older Monet, but, get the idea.

Hilarious, right? Actually, as we toured the grounds and the house, people would frequently remark on his resemblance. At least, we think that's what they were chuckling about...

At any rate, you'll come back through the gift shop, so no need to linger before your visit.  There are three and a half main sections to visit.

1. The Gardens.

2. The House.

3. The Water Gardens.

3 1/2. The Chickens


I mean, those are some fancy chickens, so, they deserve a spot on the list.

If a picture says a thousand words, then a visit in person is worth one thousand pictures. You should check it out. And, of course, we're happy to help you see for yourself! Let us know!

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