travel ban? nah. you can still see cuba!

travel ban? nah. you can still see cuba!

UPDATED 6/5/2019. The Trump Administration has recently made an announcement, which rolls back almost all of the regulations, including people-to-people trips, but specifically cruise travel to Cuba. We’re monitoring the situation, and we’re in touch with our preferred travel partners to learn exactly what this will mean for our clients who are already booked on trips to Cuba. In the meantime, we’re updating all of our Cuba posts to ensure that Huckleberry Travelers have the most current updates.

Cuba is close to the top of many lists of must-visit destinations. If you're one of those people, you might be a bit concerned that Havana, Viñales, Varadero and Cienfuegos are now completely out of reach now that President Trump has announced a rollback of open travel to Cuba. Well, put your mind at ease, because it's still possible to have a fabulous, immersive trip to Cuba. And Huckleberry Travel can make that happen for you--even with the new restrictions on travel to Cuba!

Even with the recent surge of tourism to Cuba, technically, travel to Cuba has still been illegal for US Citizens. But the government does allow tourism that falls into certain categories, including “people to people” cultural exchanges. Under the rules set by the Obama administration, individuals could qualify for travel to Cuba on a "people to people" exchange. But the Trump administration has changed all that.

However, if you're traveling as part of an organized group, like on a tour or a cruise itinerary, you're still able to have an immersive cultural exchange, which qualifies as legal travel to Cuba. And the best part about it is that your tour or cruise is sure to be anything but "cookie cutter"--the authentic educational exchange activities aren't just optional--they're required by law!

Huckleberry Travel works with lots of these companies that can get you to Cuba. So why not grab a few friends and take an exciting cruise or group tour to Cuba? We've got lots of great itineraries we can point you toward.

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