dominican republic beach vacation

A few months ago, the east coast had a late season snowstorm that hit us right at that moment when we all thought that we were likely done with winter. Except we weren't done with winter. It was the middle of March, and we were all shoveling snow. Uh-gain.

It's probably not a coincidence, then, that we got an email from Emilia and Jake the very next day. They were desperate to escape the last throes of winter, and so they asked: Can you find a quick and budget-friendly getaway to someplace warm--anyplace warm, really?

They had their parameters, which were: 

  1. Someplace warm, with a beach.
  2. 4 or 5 days.
  3. A direct flight from an airport near their home. (No connections = more beach time).
  4. All-inclusive.
  5. Within their per-person budget, airfare included.

They were flexible on the dates (within a certain range) and they were completely open to suggestion, in terms of destination and resort. 

After reaching out to us, we managed to pull some options together, and just a couple of days later--they were booked on an all-inclusive trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!

We circled back around with them after their trip, and they were gracious enough to allow us to reprint their comments, here, on our website (and to share a few of their pictures with us!). Here's what they said:

After searching the web for good deals for days and finding nothing but frustration, Thomas at Huckleberry Travel made booking a holiday easier than I ever thought it could be. All I had to do was provide a few simple details: time frame, locations, price range, and travel preference. Thomas was incredibly responsive and had a plenty of options within just a few hours, and the whole trip was booked within 24 hours!!! Thomas made sure we were set every step of the way, even looked into airport stay before departing, sorted out travel from the airport to the resort in the Dominican Republic, and made sure we were happy upon arrival and throughout the stay. We also had a travel representative named Pedro who was there for us daily if we needed anything. Pedro helped us book some excursions while we were on the island. We had a blast on a catamaran through crystal clear waters to a small island where we ate local foods, drank coconuts, and snorkeled for star fish on the way back! Pedro also made sure we had restaurant bookings and were overall happy (which would not have been the case if he hadn't been there to assist - the resort told us we needed to book restaurant reservations a week out, which for 1 makes no sense if you are there for 4 nights and is not mentioned anywhere on the site or when you check-in, total free for all lol), so we really appreciated him getting us in. We have already been highly recommending Huckleberry Travel to our family and friends because to be honest, I am still shocked and impressed at how easy and perfect the whole experience was. From booking to follow up, I feel we've gained some new friends over at Huckleberry. 

Aw, shucks.

We're thrilled that they had a great time, and we're looking forward to planning a future trip for them, too!

If you're tired of "death by internet search," and looking for a fun getaway, let us know if we can help you put something together!  And thanks, Jake and Emilia for such an enthusiastic testimonial!

Want to take an incredible trip? Huckleberry Travel can put together the trip of a lifetime that includes tons of unique experiences you might otherwise miss.  Contact us for more information about our travel consultation services.