swedish mystery tours

swedish mystery tours

Sometimes, we get requests from clients that are so specific that we have to ask ourselves--can we make that happen? Turns out, our vendors and travel providers are so freakin' awesome, that more often than not--yes we can!

We recently got an inquiry that was very, very specific. Could we arrange a trip to Sweden where (among other things), our clients could have a tour related to the Kurt Wallander books, written by Henning Mankell? Also, our clients were also big fans of the Swedish television crime series "The Bridge." Could that be included in a tour?

I have to say that my knowledge of Swedish crime mysteries is pretty much limited to "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." I've read those books and watched both the Swedish and English-language film adaptations. And I've got a vague recollection of hearing about the Kurt Wallander books from someone, but I've never actually read them. Well, turns out, Swedish crime mysteries are a big deal, and they've got lots of fans around the world, including here, in the US!

So, the answer to our clients' question was, "Yes, we can!" This all centers on the southern Swedish city of Malmö, which is just across the bridge from Copenhagen. I'd taken the train from Copenhagen to Malmö, and at first blush, I had to ask--do you really want to spend that many days in Malmö? It seems to me that it's an easy day trip from somewhere else.

Oh, yes. Malmö was the epicenter for Wallander and "The Bridge."

Knowing absolutely nothing about Swedish pop culture... Oh, wait. That's not true. I have a formidable collection of ABBA tribute albums on compact disc.  So, let's start over. Knowing nothing about Wallander and "The Bridge." I consulted with one of our vendors who is the one most likely to work magic on highly specific requests.

And they did it!  They put together a private sightseeing tour of filming sites from “The
Bridge” and the Wallander mysteries. Their guide will start with “The Bridge" on a tour that will not only show filming sites for the show, but will also give magnificent views of the real Oresund Bridge. On the tour, their guide will show them approximately 80% of the filming locations from the first four seasons. Plus, on a portable television screen, while in the car, our clients will be able to watch short film sequences from the series and get behind-the-scenes information, not only for a wider understanding of the popular television show but also to compare the TV show to reality.

Then, after that, they'll have a chance to enjoy the scenery of the beautiful Swedish countryside on a car ride to Ystad. Upon arrival in Ystad, their guide will take them on a walking tour around the hometown of the fictional Kurt Wallander. They'll be introduced to a number of locations that are featured in the books, as well as the media adaptations of the series.


Here's the thing. I still don't know much about these books and shows, but after talking to my clients about it, and talking to my vendor about it, I think I've decided that we need to check it out. So, there's definitely a binge-watch or two in my future.

What about you? Are you a fan of the pop culture of another country? Maybe you want to go there and immerse yourself in it? Well, you don't have to do it yourself. Whatever gets your fanboy/fangirl adrenaline pumping, we can help you geek-out on an amazing vacation. Just let us know!

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