amazing race resumes tonight!

amazing race resumes tonight!

So, maybe it's not a surprise, but we're big consumers of reality TV. And among our most favorite shows is The Amazing Race. So many times on our travels, we've paused to ask ourselves, "Wasn't this a pit stop on the race?"

In fact, on our first major international trip together, we traveled together to Antarctica. And on the way toward the Antarctic Circle, we spent Christmas in Buenos Aires. It may or may not surprise you to learn that not a hell of a lot of stuff is open for sightseeing in B.A. on Christmas. We were somewhat surprised to learn that there was more open on Christmas Night (December 25), than Christmas Eve (December 24). But during the day, we were looking for fun things to do that would actually be open.

One of those things that was, in fact, open was La Recoleta Cemetery where Eva Peron was buried. We made our way to La Recoleta, and (since we'd already bonded over a shared affinity for The Amazing Race), we immediately recalled a challenge on the show that required the competitors to find Eva Peron's tomb quickly in order to get their next clue. We'd watched that episode and speculated about how difficult it might be to locate the tomb if you had to do it quickly. 

It wasn't actually that hard to find, but, we'd set a challenge for ourselves--hypothetically speaking--if we were on the race, could we find Evita's tomb without melting down?

Well, of course, we weren't actually on a time challenge. In fact, with so many things in Argentina closed for Christmas, we had nothing but time to kill!

But we found Eva Peron's tomb, and also meandered through the cemetery, just exploring the site. It was an incredible start to our first big trip together, and the fact that we were each fans of The Amazing Race was a big part of it.

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