taking a president-themed vacation

taking a president-themed vacation

Today is Presidents' Day, where families all across America make a big turkey dinner and sit around their Presidents' Day tree opening gifts! Or something like that. 

Maybe you have very strongly-held opinions about the current President. Maybe you have very strongly-held opinions about the last President. Maybe you have very strongly-held opinions about Millard Fillmore. Well, whatever your politics, I'm hoping we can all unite around one guiding principle: that three-day weekends are pretty much awesome.

Truth be told, we're spending our Presidens' Day Weekend in Las Vegas, this year. But if you're looking for a vacation idea that'll have you humming "Hail to the Chief," we've got some suggestions.

North America_mt-rushmore.jpg

Mount Rushmore

You probably already know this, but there's this one guy who loved the Presidents soooooo much, that he just had to go and carve their heads in the side of a mountain in South Dakota. True story. He stopped at four--his four favorites, I guess--but they're still there, to this day, and you can go see them! Plus that, there are other fun things to see and do in that part of the country. You're in the Badlands, which are not only gorgeous, they're also a National Park!

National Parks

Speaking of National Parks, visiting a National Park would be a great way to pay tribute to one of our most mustachioed Presidents--Teddy Roosevelt! He was a great conservationist, and his legacy includes establishing the US Forest Service, and setting aside 230 million acres of public lands aside for conservation.  He laid the groundwork for establishing a system of National Parks during his presidential administration, and there's actually a National Park in North Dakota named after him. So, go see the Grand Canyon, or the Tetons, or Kilauea or Yosemite, or the Everglades, or Mt. Ranier, and remind yourself that you've got a President to thank for all that!

Washington, DC

If you go to Washington, DC, there are lots and lots of Presidential things you can do. Visit the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, or the Jefferson Memorial. (Personally, the Jefferson Memorial is my favorite--the quotes on the walls are really inspiring). You could visit the grave of President Kennedy at Arlington National Cemetary, or you could maybe get a tour of the White House. There are other worthwhile things to do in DC, as well. Visit the Smithsonian (book well in advance for the National Museum of African-American History and Culture, by the way). Check out the brand new casino at National Harbor.  Make appointments to meet your Member of Congress and Senators to tell them what you think--grass roots, baby! 

Walt Disney World

The Hall of Presidents is arguably the least fun attraction at the Magic Kingdom (think of it as a cross between The Country Bear Jamboree and a Civics Lesson), but that could change once they add Donald Trump. Yes. That's really happening. They've temporarily closed the Hall of Presidents to add Donald Trump. We know this because we're travel agents who are certified graduates of Disney's College of Knowledge (which is totally a real thing, by the way, and we've got certificates to prove it).  So, if you want to scratch that animatronic President itch, wait until they've reconfigured the exhibit, and head to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom, make your way to Liberty Square, and turn hard right into the Hall of Presidents! (We can book a Disney trip for you, by the way.  Just send us a note.)

Needless to say, if you want to make any of these trips, we can take all of the guesswork out of planning.  Just let us know, and we'll get it started!

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