all-american river cruising

all-american river cruising

When most people think about river cruises, their minds immediately turn to the great waterways of Europe. The Rhine, the Rhône, the Danube, the Seine, and maybe even the Mosel or the Douro. Well, we’ve got preferred travel partners that can show you the other great rivers of the world—in China, Vietnam and Cambodia, Bangladesh, India, and Egypt. But the river cruises that might surprise you the most are the ones that you can find right in your own backyard!


On the Fourth of July, the United States’ Independence Day, it seems only fitting that we’d mention our preferred cruise partner, American Cruise Line. They offer a true All-American cruise experience, and have become the leader in U.S. cruising.

From sea to shining sea, American Cruise Line offers a fleet of small cruise ships, authentic paddle-wheelers, and modern riverboats. All of them are American-built, flagged, and crewed. They have over 35 unique itineraries that visit 28 states, exploring the most historic and scenic destinations along the legendary rivers and waterways of the USA.


Maybe you want to be a true Huckleberry Traveler and cruise down the Mississippi River, like Huckleberry Finn? Okay, well, maybe not exactly like Huckleberry Finn. You won’t be on a makeshift raft, that’s for sure. BUt you can still set sail on part of North America’s longest river. Or cruise along the Cumberland River, the Ohio River, or, in the Pacific Northwest, the Columbia River. They even offer cruises on the great rivers of Florida—the St. John and Tolomato rivers.


American Cruise Lines offers other small-ship cruises that are uniquely American—from the Inland Waterway, to the New England Coast. From Chesapeake Bay to the Puget Sound and Alaska. All of their cruises have exemplary cuisine, balconies with a view, large staterooms and complimentary amenities, like a nightly happy hour. You’ll be well cared-for when you sail with American Cruise Lines, and we’d love to talk to you about how you might be able to take a river cruise, without even getting on a plane!

And, of course, happy Independence Day from all of us at Huckleberry Travel!

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