dancing with the real stars

dancing with the real stars

If you think about the golden age of travel, a transatlantic crossing on a steamship probably comes to mind. Images of celebrities boarding the Queen Mary with steamer trunks, sunglasses, and wide-brimmed hats, while flashbulbs pop right and left.

Well, if you can believe it, that style of travel still exists on the luxury cruise line, Cunard. Cunard was the first steamship company to make transatlantic crossings, beginning in 1840, and their storied legacy includes many firsts--the first World Cruise, the first gymnasium at sea, and a role in many major historical events--from rescuing passengers from the Titanic (a ship on a competitor line), to serving as the site of the Yalta conference. You know the phrase "getting there is half the fun?" That was actually Cunard's advertising slogan in the mid 20th Century, and now it's embedded in 

It's still possible to book a transatlantic crossing on one of the three ships in Cunard's modern, renovated, luxury ocean liners. The Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth make transatlantic crossings, but the flagship of Cunard's fleet, the Queen Mary 2, regularly takes passengers across the pond, with more than a dozen passages from New York to Southampton each year.

If you book a trip on Cunard, you'll be surrounded by refined British style on your journey. The exquisite Queens Grill Suites come with a butler service, in fact. And a proper afternoon tea should definitely be a big part of your daily ritual on board. 

Or--how about tripping the lights fantastic each night. The Queen Mary 2 actually has the largest ballroom floor at sea, and you can dance the night away each and every night with a live orchestra. Oh, and hey, Cinderella--they have lavish themed balls every few nights. That's right. You can go to the ball.

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Don't know how to fox trot? That's not a problem. You can prepare for the ball by taking ballroom lessons on board. They're offered on each sailing!

The fabulous themed balls and ballroom dancing lessons aren't the only thing that distinguishes the Queen Mary 2, however.  The Queen Mary 2 has the only planetarium at sea on board the ship. So, after you're done learning to tango, you can learn about the constellations that you'll be seeing in the night sky at sea--with no light pollution in the middle of the ocean!

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Now that's what I call dancing with the stars!

If you'd like to travel in luxurious style with elegant evenings and exceptional service, not to mention the engaging enrichment activities, why not let us tell you more about sailing on a Cunard voyage. Our agency has achieved prestigious Commodore status in the Cunard Academy training program, certifying us as a Cunard Line expert for booking travel on the company’s flagship Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and new liner Queen Elizabeth.  Huckleberry Travel has joined an exclusive group of travel professionals who are now recognized by Cunard at the Academy's highest level for their unique qualifications and knowledge as a voyage planning professional.  So, if you're ready to take an extravagant transatlantic crossing that recalls the golden age of ocean travel, we're absolutely ready to help you book that voyage!


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