chinese new year in las vegas

chinese new year in las vegas

Saturday was the Chinese New Year. Welcome to the Year of the Rooster! 

Gambling on the Chinese New Year is a longstanding tradition, and is believed to bring good luck for the coming year.  So, many years ago, the higher-end Vegas casinos started going all out (or maybe all-in?) to attract high rollers from Asia to their casinos.  The result is that in late January, the high-end casinos like Bellagio, Wynn and Encore, and Venetian and Palazzo all have special performances, events, menus, and displays related to the holiday. And now that the new Lucky Dragon casino has opened--catering specifically to clients from Asia--we expect even more fabulousness can be found.

We've been to Vegas several times, often for long weekends at this time of the year.  We generally spend at least part of one day wandering around the strip to see the incredible floral displays which always include references to the animal of the Chinese zodiac for the incoming year.  

David and I are both Year of the Monkey, which has just ended. While you'd think that it should have been a really lucky year for us, since it's our year, apparently, that's not how it works. Chinese superstition is that when it's your year, it's actually unlucky.  So, now that the Year of the Monkey has passed, maybe it's time for us to get back to Las Vegas asap and try our luck at the tables!

Update! 19 Feb 2017  We're in Las Vegas right now, and managed to get some really great pictures for the Year of the Rooster, in addition to some of our photos, above, of the decorations for Year of the Rabbit, Year of the Horse and Year of the Monkey!  Just thought we'd share them, here!

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