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Tom's Milestone Birthday is Coming! Save the Dates!

February 1, 2018, is a special birthday for Tom and we're starting to make plans for a Las Vegas destination celebration! We're planning to be there Feb 1- Feb 5, 2018 and we're hoping that  friends and family will join us.

We're not looking for a definite answer now, but we are going to be trying to estimate how many rooms we might want to reserve in a block, so we would love to know if you think you might be able to get to Vegas for some or all of those dates. Once we have an idea of how many folks are potentially in, we'll start to pull together a block of rooms, the party details, and a menu of fun optional activities.

And of course, more is merrier, so if there's someone who you think should have gotten this link, but who missed it for some reason (putting together a mailing list is difficult!), feel free to forward, or just let us know!

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