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When you hire Huckleberry Travel to plan your vacation, we use our time, our professional expertise and our relationships with travel providers to ensure that we're planning the perfect travel experience for you. We contact suppliers, coordinate transportation, and draft itineraries for you with your priorities in mind. Your final itinerary and the documents we prepare are designed to ensure that you can enjoy your vacation without having to sweat the details. We offer different services, depending on what you need for your next trip. Keep in mind these are our fees for our travel planning services, not the fees of our vendors and providers. The vendors we work with may charge fees for itinerary changes (especially after you've booked something), and we can't always control the fees of our vendors and travel providers. (But we'll give it a shot!) AIR-TRAVEL BOOKING - Booking Fees: $50 per person, per ticket ITINERARY PLANNING SERVICES Perfect for clients who want to book travel themselves, and just need basic info to get them started. A great option for clients who want to book some or all of their vacation using points or miles. Good for people who have made most of their own arrangements, but want limited help with some elements of a trip. - Initial telephone consultation & email follow-ups: no charge - Vacation Itinerary (up to 7 days): $50 per group* - Vacation Itinerary (up to 14 days): $100 per group* - Itinerary changes / revisions : $25 (includes additional phone conversation) * People traveling together for the duration of the trip are considered a single group. Parties traveling from different locations or on different schedules will be considered multiple groups. CONCIERGE LEVEL SERVICES When you let Huckleberry Travel book your trip, you will get our concierge level of service and pricing. The best option for people who want the highest level of service, while minimizing planning fees. Perfect for clients who want the full benefit of a professional travel consultant with the experience and industry relationships to take the stress out of planning your own trip. - Telephone conversations: no charge - Vacation Itinerary: no charge (fees are waived) - Itinerary changes / revisions: no charge (fees are waived) - Booking fee: no charge for bookings over $750 per traveler (excluding air-fare), otherwise $50 per person - Access to exclusive Huckleberry Travel and Ensemble Travel Group pricing and amenities. Note - if you ultimately decide not to book with us after receiving a proposal, you will be charged in accordance with Planning Services fees above HBT CLUB Perfect for clients who plan to travel regularly and would like our highest level of service. An annual club membership with Huckleberry Travel gives clients access to our full range of services, with no fees for itinerary consultations, air-only bookings, or for partial bookings. - Annual Membership: $250 - Telephone conversations: no charge - Vacation Itineraries: no charge - Itinerary changes / revisions: no charge - Booking fees: no charge - Priority attention to your needs, big or small. - Access to exclusive HBT Club amenities. - Invitations to special HBT Club events - Special Welcome Packet and Gift. - Information about special promotions and amenities, with your unique travel style in mind. - Subscription to Vacations Magazine, twice a year, compliments of Huckleberry Travel. - Free or reduced-price travel for the club member when you assemble a group to travel with you. Whether family or friends, if you organize a group to travel with one of our preferred providers, we'll arrange for you to travel for free or at a reduced cost to you. Note that terms and conditions will apply, depending on the preferred vendor and the size of the group, and some other things.
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Emergencies can happen when you least expect them. Huckleberry Travel highly recommends that all clients purchase a travel insurance policy to protect the value of their vacation. Cruise lines, airlines, hotels and tour operators all charge high penalties for cancellation, ranging from the full deposit to no refund at all. And, keep in mind is that that most health insurance policies will not cover you when you are out of the country. Travel insurance can protect you in the event of: Trip Cancellation Trip Delay Trip Interruption Missed Connection Baggage Loss, Theft or Damage Baggage Delay Emergency Medical and Dental Expenses Emergency Medical Transportation Please also note that in order for you to obtain coverage for certain pre-existing conditions, your policy must be purchased at the time of booking or shortly thereafter (depending on the terms of the policy). Please understand that we are not registered insurance agents, and can not legally provide specific advice or information regarding insurance. We will gladly secure a quote for you, upon request, and if Huckleberry Travel is not legally able to secure coverage on your behalf, it is our strong recommendation that you purchase a policy on your own.